About Perinatal Loss & Involuntary Childlessness Alliance

Every day of every week, every month of every year, a woman’s heart will shatter with the devastation of the loss of a baby, either through miscarriage, the complications of preterm delivery, stillbirth or the sudden death of an infant.

Sometimes this devastation derives from a pregnancy that does not eventuate, or from repeated attempts at IVF, or perhaps as a consequence of unexplained infertility and the anguish of the loss of one’s hopes and dreams and the promise of family.

In broaching the conversation on the impact this loss has on so many lives, we break the silence and challenge this stigma, throwing a lifeline to others who face similar heartache or challenge.


Vision Statement

Perinatal Loss & Involuntary Childlessness Alliance (PLICA for short) is dedicated to the many women (and their partners) who walk this troubled path. We recognise the very unique kind of loss experienced by those who have lost a baby or who are involuntarily childless. Through education and online resources, PLICA seeks to provide support for those who grieve as well as raise awareness in the broader community as to how best to support their loved ones, sisters or friends through this kind of loss. PLICA acknowledges the shared grief of perinatal loss and involuntary childlessness, embodied in the silent bond that unites us.

About Our Emblem

The Perinatal Loss & Involuntary Childlessness Emblem combines the colours of the three Awareness Ribbons that signify the grief associated with perinatal loss and involuntary childlessness. These ribbons are the colours for Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness community, the Infertility Awareness community as well as the Childless Not By Choice community.






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