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Support Services for Australia, USA, UK & Canadian Residents:


For Australian Residents - Red Nose Grief & Loss

If you or someone you know has experienced perinatal loss and requires support, help is available either online, by phone or in person through the Red Nose Organisation via the Red Nose Grief and Loss support services.

For USA, UK & Canada Residents - Miss.Conception Coach

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Free Bereavement Counselling

Red Nose provides Bereavement Counselling free of charge to any person affected by the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child during pregnancy, birth, infancy or childhood.

The counsellors at Red Nose understand that your expression and experience of grief is individual, and can tailor sessions to best meet your needs.

Extra Support

“Although grief is a natural, normal response to loss, there may be times when you feel stuck or are experiencing a traumatic response to your loss. It is at these times that you may need some extra support to help you come to terms with what has happened to you."

“No matter where you are at in your grief journey Red Nose qualified Bereavement Counsellors are available to support you by phone, face to face or virtually."

To find out more or arrange to access Bereavement Counselling please call the Red Nose Bereavement Support Line on

1300 308 307.

To go directly to Red Nose Grief and Loss, please click on link below.

Red Nose Grief and Loss

For USA, Canada & UK residents.


If you are a resident of the USA, Canada or the UK and you are seeking support through the trauma of infertility, help is available through Miss.Conception Coach. Chiemi has a background in Psychiatric Nursing and has been in counselling for many years.

You can contact Chiemi from Miss.Conception Coach here: 

Miss.Conception Coach

To read our interview with Chiemi, click here:

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