December 2020

Awareness Ribbons for the Childless Community: Infertility

Posted By Brandi Lytle & SK Reid,
27/12/2020 20:00 PM
Do you ever feel invisible?   One of the difficult things about the festive season is feeling completely invisible around people whose sole focus is family and children. Don’t get me wrong – I...

Seen. Heard. Validated.

Posted By Jody Day & PLICA,
24/12/2020 10:00 AM
Coping at Christmastime   In our last blog post, four incredible women who shoulder the grief of involuntary childlessness share with us some of their ways of dealing with Christmastime - a time...

Coping at Christmastime

Posted By SK Reid & Others,
15/12/2020 18:00 PM
Christmastime can be a really tough time for many people, and for the involuntarily childless, the focus on family and children centre stage makes this especially difficult. As I write about...

The Pain of Never

Posted By SK Reid & Jessica Hepburn,
11/12/2020 20:00 PM
  "I was 34 and running a London theatre when I decided to start a family. I thought that making the decision to fit a baby into my busy life was the hard part. I was wrong. After a year of...