Embracing the Silent Struggle: A Personal Reflection on Mother’s Day

Posted By PLICA Founder, SK Reid,
11/05/2024 23:00 PM
Mother's Day is a day that brings forth a multitude of emotions for each of us. For me, it has become a day of profound reflection, acknowledging the complexities of caregiving, the silent struggles...

Illuminating the Untold: Grief and Resilience on International Women's Day

Posted By PLICA and SK Reid,
08/03/2024 18:50 PM
The Untold Anguish In the tapestry of women's experiences, there exist threads of profound anguish that often go unnoticed – the silent struggle of involuntary childlessness and the heartbreaking...

Navigating the New Year with Compassion

Posted By PLICA Founder, SK Reid,
25/01/2024 21:00 PM
A Heartfelt Message for the PLICA Community Hello, and Happy New Year! As January gets well underway, I want to extend my warmest wishes to each of you. This isn't just the start of another year;...