Embracing the Silent Struggle: A Personal Reflection on Mother’s Day

Posted By PLICA Founder, SK Reid  
23:00 PM

Mother's Day is a day that brings forth a multitude of emotions for each of us. For me, it has become a day of profound reflection, acknowledging the complexities of caregiving, the silent struggles of being childless, and the emotional weight that comes with the responsibility of being a full-time carer for my mother. In sharing my story, I hope to shed light on the often unseen and underappreciated experiences of individuals in similar circumstances, and to encourage empathy, understanding, and support for those navigating similar challenges.

Acknowledging the Struggle of Long-Term Caregiving

My recent reflections have prompted me to acknowledge the immense weight carried by long-term caregivers. The unrelenting cycle of hospital visits, fractures, liaising with medical staff, and managing my own health concerns has taken a toll on me. This journey has reinforced the need for recognition and support for individuals who find themselves in similar caregiving roles, especially those without children or extended family, to share the burden.


Unveiling the Labyrinth of the Healthcare System

My interaction with the healthcare system has revealed its complex and often daunting nature. Navigating medical and aged care for my mother has been an intricate and exhausting process. It has unearthed systemic issues and the challenges of advocating for the well-being of our loved ones. I hope my experiences prompt a necessary conversation on addressing these systemic flaws and providing comprehensive support for individuals facing similar challenges on a daily basis.

The Plight of the Childless

In sharing my personal journey, I want to draw attention to the specific challenges faced by childless individuals in later stages of life. The absence of children to share the burdens of caregiving and the emotional weight of being the sole support for an ageing parent is profound. This underscores the importance of recognising and supporting individuals navigating this unique journey and providing a voice to those who often go unheard.

Closing Thoughts


My journey has unravelled the layers of caregiving, the challenges of the healthcare system, and the unique struggles faced by childless individuals. I hope we can collectively acknowledge, support, and uplift those facing similar challenges, offering empathy, understanding, and solidarity on this poignant day. Your support and understanding mean more than you can imagine.

This Mother's Day, be kind to yourself: do whatever self-care you need. Cherish and create precious memories with your mum, and cherish your own mothering spirit however you can. But let's also pause to acknowledge the magnitude of what we're up against in this childless wilderness. It's about far more than just babies and grandkids.

We may be childless, but we are still the daughters, sons, and carers showing up for loved ones in our own ways.

I see you. You are not alone.

Roar on,


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