New Year, New Possibilities

Posted By Plica Founder, SK Reid  
18:00 PM

Welcome to 2021!

Here’s hoping this year there will be some positive changes that see a lessening of the impact of the pandemic and learning from the many lessons that have arisen from this global experience.

It is interesting to think that whilst it has been a global issue, everyone has had an individual and local response to the pandemic. This reminds me in many respects of grief and the experience of perinatal loss and involuntary childlessness. Whilst this too is a global problem afflicting and affecting millions of women every year, a woman’s response to her loss and her situation is nevertheless as unique as her fingerprint.

Your Unique Grief Journey

There are hallmarks of grief that we all share. And then there are the personal, idiosyncratic aspects that make a woman’s journey through loss, grief and ‘recovery’ that will be uniquely her own. Differences and points of intersection and overlap. The overlap and intersection are what unites us – our shared grief and silent bond – while the points of differences sometimes make us feel alone, yet simultaneously hinting at the possible journey of unfolding that awaits us. Differences and similarities aside, each of us must make our grief journey on our own terms.

A word on ‘recovery’ – I use this term broadly. Recovery in this sense is intended to encompass the journey through grief to the other side of loss. The ‘other side of loss’ will look different to each woman, to each partnership, to each family. For some, it is a landscape filled with new possibilities and optimism. For others, the stain of grief lingers, casting a shadow over her life. Whilst she may have moved on from being at the mercy of and in the grip of great anguish, there will be a sadness that can never be erased over time. In this sense, the word ‘recovery’ is understood to embody a great array of shades of colour and emotion.

Whatever stage of your journey through grief to life after loss that you are on, I hope that the PLICA sisterhood brings a source of comfort, strength and encouragement for you throughout 2021 and beyond.


The Year Ahead


2021 has some exciting things in store for PLICA and the sisterhood. We have some workshops and seminars coming up, we have some fabulous Featured Guest Blog contributors to share their stories, as well as insights and reflections from our wonderful PLICA Ambassadors. Whilst on the topic of blogging, if you are interested in sharing your story, click on the link below to register your expression of interest. Keep an eye out for announcements about my forthcoming book exploring the darker side of motherhood. More on that to follow



Here’s to a wonderful year ahead.


Stay safe, be well.



PLICA Founder.


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