Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month - Infant Dealing with Triggers

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The following may contain content which has triggers.

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The tragic news of Model Chrissy Teigen and musician John Legend's loss of their precious baby has sent a global outpouring of support and compassion for the couple‚Äôs tragic loss.

But for the many women (and men) who have suffered a similar tragedy in their lives, the intense media coverage of this kind of event across news and social media can be incredibly difficult. In many respects, this is not dissimilar to the news of a pregnancy and birth in the limelight. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex is one such example.

While we control our triggers and responses as best we can, sometimes there are situations which are difficult to avoid. And what often follows is a range of emotions, from mildly upset through to the tipping point of a depressive episode.

It can be especially useful to have some kind of a strategy ready for times like these. These are the kinds of events that strike out of the blue and happen when we least expect them. If you are one of those people who is triggered from time to time, having a serious of steps or a go-to routine of self-care can be the difference between getting through these times in one piece and falling into an emotional quagmire. 


Grief's Complexity

A situation such is this is complex for those who grieve, with the trauma of baby loss uppermost, through to the inordinate amount of focus directed to the grieving couple. If you are someone whose grief has not been properly acknowledged in your social and familial circles, this can be a stark reminder of the lack of support and understanding that you may have received.

Knowing that there is a community of women who feel much the same and who are here for you if you are feeling vulnerable can be a source of great comfort. This comfort is crucial to our sense of wellbeing and plays an important role in engendering the capacity to find some kind of peace over time.


Do You Need Support?

Remember, help is available. Click on the support pages below off you feel you need to reach out to a professional for support.

Australian residents can reach out to Red Nose Grief & Loss here:

Red Nose Grief and Loss

For USA, Canada and UK residents, contact  Chiemi Rajamahendran of Miss.Conception Coach here:

Miss.Conception Coach